GPS solution that allows to marking the entry and exit of the working day for the people in your company using the face to authenticate the login with AI (FaceID). At the end of each period, automatically calculates the payroll for all the people in your company taking into account nighttime, overtime, holidays and compensatory surcharges. Additionally, it allows you to register special events, travel expenses such as food and lodging. Also, it integrates easily with the Active Directory and the ERP of your organization.

Solution for the transportation industry, which you can schedule services to pickup and delivery for products or people. Allow you to know the trajectory of vehicles and the interaction of each control point during the route, which is managed from a central unit, receiving notifications, services aprovement, financial manage and information in real time about its operation. This is one of our success stories using Blockchain technology.

Full Control of your inventory based in Kardex model, receipts, issues, costs, sales, integrations with ERP and billing, even you can manage the rental of your productos based on rotating cycles, allowing you to control the inventory in possession of your customers in real time, calcultaing late payment interest and much more with trackventory!


Solution to smart management of spaces, people or objects, based on their positioning. Using micro-location Bluetooth technology (Beacons), we can know exactly the location of people and objects in closed spaces. Also, we can manage the entrance and exit to specific spaces and interact with them and launch differents actions like PUSH notifications, email, SMS, among other.